Aircraft Ownership Benefits

Individuals can either have a jet card, jet charter and fractional ownership to enjoy a private aircraft but most would still prefer a personal aircraft. Every time these individuals travel by air, they want it to be on the same aircraft. Individuals prefer the same set of professionals as their aircraft’s maintenance mechanics and flight crews. Another factor is you flights are more economical.

After buying an aircraft you will see that you have fixed costs for: maintenance, crew expenses, hangar fees, insurance, property taxes, and interest expense. It is the same no matter how many hours you fly in a year. Fuel usage and aircraft maintenance for extra travel time, are the expenses that are variable. Regardless, those varying fees are lesser than the equivalent flights with a chartered aircraft.

Since it is cheaper, your savings for personal aircraft flights can balance those overhead expenses. There is no suggested maximum number of flights before you can feel its cost-effectiveness. If you do fly more, then the more you feel how economical it is to own an aircraft.
It is important for companies to know what you expect from an aircraft when you travel. Expectations like the cabin’s size, luggage capacity, passenger capacity, destinations, and number of flight hours are determined. Flight times, routes, and costs matter for a destination and companies consider these as well. Aircraft models that fit your preferences will then be suggested by the companies. The estimated operating and capital budget of an aircraft will be shown afterwards. An aircraft is categorized as heavy, midsize, and light. An aircraft can be categorized outside of those three types, so you can find something that fits your standards.

After determining the aircraft model that meets your specifications, know how much it costs on the market. The final price will be determined by how much the last plane was sold at and the plane’s current listings. If you time your negotiations well, you can buy an aircraft at a best price.

Management companies are there to place your aircraft on a charter certificate if you want such a thing. A charter certificate helps in mitigating your operational cost. Your aircraft will be up for those chartered flights as posted management companies. With a few chartered flights each year the profit can cover the ownership cost.

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