Available Voodoo Spells that are Potent

If somebody mentions Voodoo magic, most would consider it as a way to cause damage to another person. The absence of material discussing about Voodoo’s history caused this misunderstanding about what it really is. The general public must know about the other things it can offer other than curses and hexes. For starters, the truth about Voodoo needs to be talked about. Voodoo started from Africa as a religious practice and was spread to the other parts of the world due to the slave trade. When Voodoo practitioners were indoctrinated with Western Christianity’s belief system both religious practices were amalgamated by them.

Voodoo is a form of religion while witchcraft is some form of practice, but both share the idea of harnessing energies to cause something to happen. White magic refers to the usage of witchcraft for beneficial purposes to all mankind. Black magic refers to the usage of witchcraft for personal gain or to the benefit of the few only. Practitioners are given the caution to be careful when it comes to witchcraft since it has an aftermath to be expected. The person must consider if it is something he or she can be responsible for.

If there is somebody that really harms you, you can perform a banishing spell to stop them. If there is another person that for example constantly punches you, a binding spell can stop them from punching you again. A binding spell can also be used on yourself like preventing yourself from spending money beyond your means. Going to a tourist destination can be unnerving, but with a protective spell you can deter danger from coming near you.

Crossing and uncrossing are other forms of magic in Voodoo. Negative energies are given to a person through crossing. When you want to remove a curse, you perform an uncrossing to the person. Foot track magic, another form of Voodoo, allows the practitioner to discourage trespassers by scattering a magical powder that gives negative effects to those that try to do so.

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One of the free voodoo spells you can learn is a form of love spell, you need to knot a new string while voicing out your desired future with your significant other. If you want to be young-looking and healthy, you can simply do this beauty spell of wearing a jewelry with your birthstone for immediate results. Bathing yourself in rose waters is a form of those beauty spells that improves your natural beauty and attractiveness. During the spring time, you can perform a beauty spell that requires you to apply to your face the morning dew accumulated in a small bowl set on the grasses, which helps in becoming more attractive.