The List Below Show Different Non-Teaching Education Jobs a Person Can Do

A person can get involved in non-teaching jobs which are many other than teaching. Non teaching jobs in schools are defined as jobs one can do apart from teaching. It is common for employers to use education job board such as TrulyHired in order to recruit the best non-teaching staff. This enables potential staff to learn more about available jobs. The following are examples of non-teaching jobs available for a person.

School counsellor ensure that peoples mental aspect is well taken care of by giving guidance and counselling. In a person’s life, there are seasons where they may feel sad, have a feeling of being left out and of not belong and they need a person they can talk to for uplifting of their spirits. Others times a student may be facing issues at home and this may affect their performance and way of interacting with other students and teachers. This is where a school counsellor comes in and gives help to the individual. When a counsellor engages a person he can get to the root of the problem and deals with it where he can so that the one being counselled can be free.

Secretaries work in the administration office in the front desk. The secretaries job is to ensure that clients are well welcomed to the institution, give any directions they need and ensure that they have been served as needed. Other responsibilities of a secretary involve filing, documenting and they may also act as internal messengers.

The importance of the librarian is to help those using the library an easy time to use it. For ease of finding books, the librarian ensures that books are arranged properly and the catalogues are in place.

The accountant ensure that an organisation operate smoothly and effectively. By viewing of financial records of clients, the school’s accountant will be able to give a direction of operation in an institution. Accountants ensure data goes through processing until reports are come up with to make decisions that will help run the education institution smoothly.

Housekeeping is necessary for a school because it plays a major role. A trained hostel housekeeper will help out a student who stays in hostels and will ensure that they are well taken care of in matters of sleeping and the condition of the environment. These people will ensure the number of people staying in hostels, whether there are enough beds and rooms for the student, whether there are things that need repair and maintenance.