Guide to Choosing a glass bubbler|What to Look for in Bong|How to Choose the Right Bong

People using marijuana for recreational purposes should consider getting the right bongs as they will enhance their smoking experience. Though getting the best bong is vital, new smokers and those who are used to smoking rolled marijuana tend to find the process a challenging task. Besides, it is worth noting that not all bongs are the same. Now, let’s take you through the vital features and types of bongs that will help you get your perfect piece.

When looking for the best bong that will improve your smoking experience, you need to know how you will use the product. Before spending money on a bong, you need to pay attention to the place where you will use the bong. In addition to considering the bong environment, don’t forget to know the number of times you will be using the product, say once a week or three times a day.

Another vital factor involves paying attention to the users of the bong. For instance, you need to know whether you are going to use it as a personal piece or use it with other people. The frequency in cleaning a bong can also influence the type of bong one will buy. When it comes to the maintenance requirements of a bong, most people tend to overlook this aspect. When a bong is used for a while, resin and tar tend to deposit inside the bong. When tar and resin is not removed from a bong, it will affect the taste, appearance, and cleanliness of the bong. It is worth noting that smaller bongs that contain fewer percolators are easier to remove the tar deposits, however, their larger counterparts which have more percolators can be a challenge getting rid of the tar deposits.

The size of the bongs does not matter in the selection process, therefore you need to view products before buying. Some smoker prefer the larger bongs due to the fact that they can hold more marijuana. On the other hand, the smaller bongs are known to maintain the flavor of a smoke for long. Besides, if you are looking for a bong that you can easily walk around with, then you may consider getting smaller bongs. Most smaller bongs are known to be cheaper in price.

Besides, when looking for the best bong to buy that will improve your smoking experience, you need to check the percolators in the bongs. Percolators refer to the additional chambers in a bong that are vital in providing additional filtration. Then number of percolators found in bongs vary, for instance, while some have one, others contain multiple percolators. The effect of having more percolators is that they increase both smoothness and drag. When the drag is higher, smokers tend to have a hard time inhaling all the smoke in the bong something which may lead to forceful inhalation. Therefore, in order to avoid the effects of forceful inhalation, you need to look for a bong with fewer percolators, more so when you are a new smoker. Bong users need to invest in the best bongs, some of which include Fat Buddha Glass.