Tow Truck Lights Selection Guide

If you own a tow truck, you notice that it has far more lights than other vehicles. The lights on a tow truck are not chosen by personal preference; there are laws that dictate what color, brightness, and number of those lights you should install. It, therefore, helps to be aware of what lights to get for your tow truck.
Any vehicle on the road is expected to have headlights, taillights, brake lights, front and rear turn signals, side markers to show the overall length, clearance lights to show the overall width, and backup lights that indicate when the vehicle is in reverse. You do not have to get each function its separate lights. Headlights normally serve the dual purpose of the front clearance and side marker lights. If the vehicle is larger than average size, you have some additional light requirements. If you operate a longer than a normal vehicle, you have to place side marker lights and reflectors halfway its entire length. For those that are wider than the average vehicle, you need to get identification markers, which happen to be a set of three lights mounted on the top front and top rear of the vehicle. When in low light situations, other motorists will judge its dimensions accurately.
In terms of color, you need to be keen. You need to have headlights and backup lights in white. Any other rear-facing light had to be red. Marker and clearance lights are expected to be yellow. Rear turn signals can be red or yellow. There are some subtle changes a state can impose.
You will find you have to stick to certain brightness standards. The lights have to be visible at a safe distance. There are some minimum brightness levels in each state you need to observe if you operate there. It is wise to learn more about those standards where you are before any modifications. Any additional lights need to conform to those regulations, and not interfere with the settings of the original lights.
You have to make some special considerations for the lights on tow trucks. They must conform to the basic lights regulations, and depending on the size, have certain additions. They need oscillating, rotating or strobe lights in specific colors. The strobe light, for instance, needs to show two colors; one for when the truck is stationary, hooking up to a car, and the other for when towing the car. Rear lights have to be clearly visible to any following traffic. If you are towing a big car, place the rear lights on its back. Failure to do so and an accident occurs means you are responsible for it.
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