The Difference Between Employee and Independent Contractor

Whether you are a job seeker or an employer you need to understand between these two entities the employee and the independent contractor. It is essential to understand this ad you are able to know the level to follow as well as the manner in which to carry out the task. Some employers and job seekers do not differentiate between the two which makes it hard to perform the tasks assigned. It is important to find more pages and sites done on these issues to get more understanding. In this site examined these entities to give you adequate understanding. In this website is the manual to help you.

There are however some differences between the two which you will need to understand. By understanding these differences you are in a better position to execute your tasks well. Read more here about the differences you need to note.

An employee is an individual who works under the supervision of another one called the employer. The employee also works on specific hours as agreed upon in the employment agreement. If an employee works on over time there are some rates which are agreed on between the employer and the employee. On the other hand independent contractor is one who works outside the business where he can work for various clients. Independent contractor is usually hired to do a specific task which he has the freedom to decide on how to distribute it.

There is employee compensation which may apply to the employee which the independent contractor is not entitled to. Among the compensations that the employee enjoys unlike the independent contractor is work termination and work-related . The employees have the freedom to join any employees union to have their demands and interests attended to. Contrary to this the independent contractor has no union to join. You need to know more about this difference before as you prepare to join this industry.

The employees lack the freedom of choice on the tasks to execute but follows the instructions of their employer. The independent contractor has the freedom to decide when to take up the task as well as how to execute it provided he accomplishes it. The contractor also has the freedom to state the rates of his work as well as the working workings to execute the task. The employees only admits it rejects what is offered by the employer.

It is important to read more from other articles to get enlightened this issue. Click on the details and learn more about the differences as well as where you fit as a job seeker and who to go for as an employer. You need to access more articles which have been done on this matter to know more about the employee and the independent contractor.